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Train Your New Kittens To Sleep In Cat Beds And Other Helpful Ideas

Here are a few ideas on how you can train your new kittens

Train Your New Kittens To Sleep In Cat Beds And Other Helpful Ideas by Sorenson Media

Taking home a kitten as a pet will require its owner to first train it to adjust to its new shelter. You may find that exercising several teaching and disciplinary methods on the animal can be fun for both, you and your pet. Plus, the result is worth the time and the effort.

As the species are known for neatness, kittens will naturally bury their waste. You just need to provide them with a litter box, and they will use it regularly. If the small cat uses other areas as substitutes, cover that particular place or item with tinfoil, and your little friend will surely avoid going to that area again. You might find it interesting to know that felines do not like to feel the surface of thin aluminum paper. Use this to your advantage, and utilize it to train the kitten while it is still young. When you go out to buy cat supplies, try asking the salesperson to show you other alternatives on how you can save up on litter as well.

Stopping kittens from scratching your furniture and carpet is perhaps the most challenging in terms of training. Clawing and climbing are the cat's ways of exercising, marking their territory, and reducing stress. In the same way, you are required to teach your kittens to use cat scratching posts as soon as possible.

If you plan to buy cat supplies like the scratching posts, choose one that is good for a grownup feline so that your kitten will realize that the item is its property. This is a good idea since the animal will only need one or two of this to last its entire lifetime. The furniture should be tall and sturdy enough that it can stand even when an adult feline scratches it vigorously.

Scratchers are made from several durable fabrics or materials that may be unfamiliar to you, especially if you are a new owner. For starters, you may want to choose cat scratching posts that are built with sisal or rope at its base because felines never outgrow the feel of thick strings. If your pet doesn't seem to like it, go ahead and replace the equipment.

As young as they are, you should immediately train your kittens to sleep in their own cat beds. Put the cushion near the scratching post and add toys so that your little pet will enjoy resting on its personal mattress. At first, you may find it enjoyable to let the animal sleep in your room and share the same blanket and slumber spot. However, you might regret it the next morning when you are greeted by a whole bunch of fur on your clothes and furniture.

Like when training children, you should always be consistent with the way you teach your kitten so that it does not get confused. Your efforts will not be in vain when you see later that you have raised a well-behaved cat.

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