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How Long Can You Leave a Cat Alone

If you are wondering how long you can leave your cat alone, here are a few tips.

How Long Can You Leave a Cat Alone by Joe Bennett

One of the problems that modern day inventions still haven't solved yet are how to leave your pets alone at home when you are away for some work or on a long vacation. Leaving your pets with neighbors cannot always be taken for granted and you might not want to trouble them if you happen to take frequent trips or long trips. You can follow some of tips here while leaving your car alone while you are out.

No to Kitten

If you have a kitten, it's absolutely not possible to leave it alone. Just don't think of it. Either leave it at your beloved friend's house or with your neighbors but just don't leave it alone. Not only because it can mess up many things but also it hasn't yet learnt the basic things of survival and might even pose a risk to life in such situations.

Older Cats

If you have an older cat, say, 10+ years older, think twice before leaving them alone. At this time of age, they get depressed too easily and early and you might not know what could happen in such cases. So think wisely and carefully.

More than one Cat at home

If you have more than one cat at home, then it's really good for both of them as they will have company of each other. They tend to feel less depressed when with someone and you might be able to stay longer and less worried as well.

Leaving your Cat for a weekend

Things to do:

1.Supply of automatic food and water.

2. Empty litter box before leaving.

3. Toys or some sort of amusement for cats so that they can overcome the loneliness and frustration of being alone.

4. A helpful and watchful neighbor in case of any problems.

Leaving your Cat for a week

(not advised)

1. Hire professional services or a great helpful friend/neighbor (absolutely no exceptions)

2. Complete health check up before leaving.


It's always been difficult to leave your pets alone or on someone else's responsibilities. But sometimes you just can't avoid the circumstances. So do take care of the above things before making any final plans!

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